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iSupe is a web-based application for live supervision. The application runs on any computer or mobile device and allows supervisors and supervisees to easily communicate in real-time over a secured internet connection. This type of supervision is perfect for training therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers, and many others. Find out more!


The best way to become familiar with iSupe is to watch it in action! This video series introduces you to the iSupe application, demonstrates its various features, and even provides setup tips and other technical instruction. See how others are benefiting from the latest innovation in live supervision! Grab some popcorn and click here to watch and learn!

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We've made signing up for iSupe a breeze! Just visit the iSupe Storefront to purchase a Supervisor or Supervisee license, and a license key will be sent to you via e-mail so that you can start using iSupe immediately. To sign up and step into the future of live supervision, start by clicking here! Once signed up, click here to register with your license key and get started!