Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Questions

Technical Questions

Can I log in to iSupe from multiple computers/devices?

Yes. iSupe places no restrictions on where you log in from. You may log in to iSupe from your office’s desktop computer one day, and then log in to iSupe from your mobile device the next.

Does iSupe require a phone/messaging plan in order to run?

No. The iSupe application only requires an active internet connection.

Can I have multiple supervisees join one session?

Currently, this scenario is not supported. Only one supervisee is allowed to enter each supervision session.

Can sessions be saved for later review?

Yes. Supervisors can export session transcripts in PDF document format prior to the session being closed.

Why can’t I create a session from an iPhone?

Hosting a supervision session from an iPhone is not supported. As a supervisor, you must log in from an iPad or desktop/laptop computer to supervise a session.

Why can’t I create a session as a supervisee?

Only a supervisor license allows you to create a new session.