Logging In

Diagram 1. Login Screen


1. If you are using a mobile device, start by clicking on “iSupe” application icon on your Home Screen. If you are using a desktop computer, open up an internet browser and go to: /isupe/

2. Now you should see a Login screen like the one in Diagram 1.

3. Click in the first input box and enter your Username.

4. Click in the second input box and enter your Password. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive!

5. Click on the Login button to attempt to login to iSupe.

6. If you are unable to login successfully to the Main screen, follow the Troubleshooting guide below.


If you are having difficulty logging in, you may wish to check the following:

1. Are you using the Username you chose during the Registration process? A Username should be between 4 and 16 alphanumeric characters. Remember, this is not your email address!

2. Are you entering the correct password? Remember, passwords are case-sensitive.

3. Have forgotten your Username/Password combination? You may consider resetting these. In order to do this, follow the instructions on the Resetting Your Password page.