Creating a Session

Create a Session

Diagram 1. Create Session Form

In iSupe, a supervisor and supervisee get paired up in a session. In order to create a session, you must have a supervisor license. Supervisors may follow the instructions below:

1. Login.

2. On the Main screen, click on “Create Session.”

3. On the form that appears (see Diagram 1), enter a title for the session and an optional description.

4. To enter the time you expect the session to start, a dialog will popup asking you to specify the date and time (see Diagram 2).

5. Finally, enter a session password. This should not be confused with your login password. This is a password unique to this session and will be shared with your supervisee. Make sure to use complex passwords to enhance security.

6. When finished, click “Create Session.”

7. You will then be taken to the Lobby screen. You have just created a session!

Your next steps will be to Invite Your Supervisee to join the session and Entering the Session yourself.

iPhone: Create a Session

Diagram 2. Specify date and time