Telling Others About iSupe

Diagram 1. The Options Menu

Want to tell others about iSupe? We’ve made that easy for you! (Oh yeah, andĀ thanks for helping to spread the word!)

1. Login.

2. On the Main screen, click on “My Options.”

3. Next, on the Option screen (see Diagram 1) click on “Tell Others.”

4. Fill out the form to have an email sent to your colleague. You must enter your name, their name, and their email address. You may also wish to include a private message that will get sent to them in the email along with general information about the iSupe product.

5. Click the “Send” button to have the email generated and automatically sent to them.

To ensure delivery of the message, make sure the recipient can receive emails from They may wish to add this email address to their Contacts list so that the message does not mistakenly get marked as SPAM.