Joining a Session

As a supervisee, you should have received session information from your supervisor. To join a session, you need to have the appropriate Session Identifiers.

Session Identifiers include three necessary pieces of information:

  • Session ID (a number)
  • Session Token (a small alphanumeric sequence)
  • Session Password (a password designated by the supervisor)

Once these three keys are received from the supervisor, you are ready to join his/her session. There are two different ways to join an existing session. The first way is manually, which will be explained first. The second is a QuickJoin option, which will be explained second.

Joining a Session Manually

1. Login.

2. Click on “Join Session.”

3. Click the “Join” option under the “Other Sessions” section.

4. Enter the Session ID, Session Token, and Session Password manually.

5. Click the “Join” button.


If you received an email invitation to join the session from your supervisor, then you can use the QuickJoin method to join the session.

1. Click on the link in your email.

2. On the QuickJoin page, enter your Username and Password.

3. You should notice that the Session ID and Session Token have been filled in for you. Now just enter the Session Password manually. This should be found in the email, or by contacting your supervisor.

You have now joined the session!