Erasing a Session

As a supervisee, erasing a session is as simple as clicking the “Erase Session” button from the session Lobby. You will be asked to either:

  • Erase the Session, or
  • Leave the Session Open

Erasing the Session

Once a session is erased, it cannot be reopened. All session data is purged immediately from the database once a supervisor chooses to erase their session. Session transcripts will not be available for download after the session is erased. Therefore, a supervisor should take caution not to erase a session prematurely.

Leaving the Session Open

A supervisor may also choose to leave the Lobby, but to keep the current session open. By choosing this option, the supervisor may return to the session Lobby and even re-enter the session. Session data will also be retained. For security purposes, it is best to erase your sessions as soon as you are done with them (and after downloading a session transcript).