Installing iSupe Mobile on your iPad

1. To install iSupe Mobile on your iPad device, visit our website from the Safari internet browser:

2. Next, click on the Login button (see Diagram 1).

Diagram 1. Website

3. An alert will be displayed, asking if you want to install iSupe Mobile. To do so, simply tap the Menu button and choose “Add to Home Screen.” When prompted, click “Add” buttonĀ to create a shortcut to iSupe Mobile on your device.




4. Exit the Safari internet browser.

5. Click on the “iSupe Mobile” icon on your Home Screen to start the application.

Home Screen on the iPad

Video Tutorial

The following video demonstrates how to install iSupe Mobile on the Apple iPad platform. It also demonstrates some of the more common use cases for both supervisor and supervisee (such as how to login, create a new session, join existing sessions, and access your account settings through a video tutorial). Click on the image below to watch.

Getting Started with iPad