Supported Features

Platform Support

Run iSupe from your desktop, phone, or tablet device!  Interfaces are customized for each device type. Supported devices include Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Android. Browser support includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not a preferred browser. However, IE9+ is supported. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.

Supported Devices Supported Browsers
Microsoft WindowsMac OSiPadiPhone Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxInternet ExplorerSafari

Supervisor Features

With a supervisor license, you can create unlimited sessions and easily send invitations to your supervisees that allow them to quickly join your sessions.

During sessions, you can send textual messages to your supervisees that arrive on their devices unobtrusively. Even adjust the message priority to be of normal or high priority. Call attention to old messages by changing their status to high priority. Or mark a message as deleted to indicate the comment is no longer relevant. You may also designate certain messages as “Invisible.” During the session, you can see Invisible messages, but they are not delivered to your supervisee. Instead, they are available on the transcript that can be downloaded after the session for review. When the session is complete, a PDF of the session is made available for download. When sessions are closed, all session data is purged from the system for security purposes.

Supervisee Features

With a supervisee license, you can join an unlimited number of sessions hosted by a supervisor.

During sessions you will periodically receive messages from your supervisor in a chat-style window. The window constantly updates to show you the newest messages, all of which can be understood at a glance. Timestamps indicate how many minutes ago a message arrived, and thus how relevant it still is. When you’d like to contact your supervisor, you can do so with the touch of a button. A touch brings up a dialog box that allows you to choose from a simple vocabulary. Touching on one of these choices immediately sends the message and returns you to your session. Just two clicks! From this dialog, you may also send a more detailed message if you like.


For the safety of you and your clients, iSupe uses industry-standard security measures. Client-server communication is encrypted using an SSL certificate. Usernames and passwords must meet strict complexity requirements. Actual passwords are never stored in our databases. Credit card information is processed by PayPal and is never stored in our databases. When a session is closed by the supervisor, all session information and associated messages are purged from the server. That being said, we also recommended that users use no identifying information during communication to add even further protection.