Downloading a Session Transcript

Complete session transcripts can be produced for archival or review purposes. Transcripts are produced in PDF format. Therefore, a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, must be installed on the computer or device in order to view them.

Session Transcripts can either be:

  • Downloaded, or
  • Emailed

Downloading a Session Transcript

1. From the Lobby screen (see Diagram 1 below), a supervisor can click on the “Transcript” button.

2. This will bring up a Transcript page (see Diagram 2) where the supervisor can click on the “Download Transcript” option.

3. On a desktop computer, the internet browser will typically prompt the user to download the PDF file to a specific location. On a mobile device, the PDF file is likely to be automatically displayed (see Diagram 3).

4. Once downloaded, the PDF file can be distributed by email or other means to the supervisee.

Diagram 1. Lobby Screen

Diagram 2. Transcript Screen

Diagram 3. Session Transcript

Emailing a Session Transcript

Often a better and simpler option, especially on mobile devices, is to email a copy of the session transcript to a supervisee.

1. From the Transcript Screen (see Diagram 2 above), the supervisor can click on the “Email Transcript” option.

2. This will load the Email Transcript Form (see Diagram 4 below). At this point, the supervisor will simply have to fill in the recipient’s email address.

3. Clicking the “Send” button will email the recipient a link to the PDF transcript file. To ensure they receive this email, it is recommended that they add “” to their email address book to prevent the message from being inappropriately marked as SPAM.

Diagram 4. Email Transcript Form


Only a supervisor can can control access to session transcripts.

Session transcripts can be Downloaded after a session is started but before it is closed. When the session is closed by the supervisor, all data, including the session transcript will be purged from the online database.

Emailing a transcript generates a separate session file on the iSupe server. A link to this file is sent to the recipient. However, this link only remains active for 10 days for security purposes. After this time period, the file will automatically be deleted from the server and the link will no longer work. Therefore, supervisees should be notified that they have a maximum of 10 days to access the transcript file. Once deleted, these files cannot be recovered. Emailing a transcript should be done after a session is completed, but before it is closed.

It should also be mentioned that the links that are generated are not access-protected in any way. Therefore, supervisors and supervisees should be careful not to forward on this link to others who should not access it.