The Maryland Psychology - Summer 2012

The Maryland Psychology – Summer 2012

iSupe is an online software package that allows a supervisor and a supervisee to communicate securely and in real-time across desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet devices while the supervisee is meeting with a client.

As a supervisor, imagine sitting behind the one-way mirror while still communicating easily with your trainee! Feed new trainees lines. Challenge more experienced trainees with questions. Mark messages as normal or high priority. Delete messages when they become irrelevant. Take notes for your supervisee to review after the session. Produce session transcripts with the touch of a button. All without having to be a techie!

As a supervisee, imagine not having to wait until after your client sessions to get feedback! Get live feedback from your supervisor while┬áin session. Receive messages unobtrusively. Quickly send messages with pre-programmed controls. Ask for help. Get clarification about your supervisor’s suggestions. All while maintaining a distraction-free environment for your clients!

It’s time supervision stepped into the 21st century!

iSupe: A Brief Introduction