Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions

General Questions

What is iSupe?

iSupe, pronounced Eye + Soup, is a form of live supervision through which the supervisor can offer a supervisee immediate feedback unobtrusively via mobile device technology.

What is the iSupe app?

The iSupe application provides an accessible and secure platform for intuitive, efficient, and easy interaction between supervisor and supervisee.

Why use iSupe?

The iSupe application streamlines communication efforts with an accessible interface and single-tap “QuickMessages,” making training efforts immediate, effective, and corrective. It also uses industry-standard security measures to ensure communications are kept private.

Who is iSupe intended for?

This type of live supervision can be used in training therapists, nurses, social workers, teachers even cashiers, personal gym trainers, and waiters. Literally anyone who can be observed (remotely or live) and who can carry/view a mobile device while in training can benefit from iSupe.

What are the advantages of iSupe over other supervision methods?

With iSupe, you can give feedback to as many trainees as can be observed. Because this form of supervision it is conducted in real-time (vs. after reviewing a recording or after a transaction has been completed), it can correct errors and provides positive feedback more usefully. Later, trainees can review a session transcript to solidify learning.

Is it secure?

For the safety of you and your clients, the iSupe application implements industry standard security measures. Client-server communication is encrypted using an SSL certificate. Passwords and credit card information are never stored in our databases to prevent anyone from ever gaining access to your sensitive data. When a session is closed by the supervisor, all session information and associated messages are purged from the server. That being said, we recommended that you use no identifying information during communication to add even further protection.

Where can I get the iSupe app?

iSupe is available for purchase and download through our website.

How much does iSupe cost?

Two different license types are available: a Supervisor license and a Supervisee license. For capabilities and prices for each, see our Online Storefront.

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