Changing QuickMessages

Set User-defined Vocabulary

Diagram 1. Set User-defined Vocabulary

By default, a number of standard QuickMessages are defined in the supervisee’s SendMessage dialog, including Help, Please Clarify, OK, Yes, and No. However, you may wish to defined your own vocabulary. To set user-defined vocabulary and enable this vocabulary, follow these instructions:

1. Login as a supervisee.

2. Click on “Options” from the Main Menu.

3. Click “Set Vocabulary.”

4. For each entry, enter a title that will appear on the SendMessage dialog. Also enter a message, the actual textual response that will be sent to the supervisor. (See Diagram 1)

5. If you wish to enable this custom vocabulary instead of using the standard QuickMessages, check the Enable checkbox.

6. Click the “Change” button to save your changes.