APA Convention 2014

New developments in supervision and training: Recent research and innovative applications

Chair and Discussant: Jeff Barnett
Presenters: Tony Rousmaniere, Nick Ladany, Rob Goodyear
Technology Presentation: Angelita Yu

iSupe Live: There’s an App for that!

With today’s attachment to our devices, the iPad is a natural medium for the conveying of feedback from supervisor to supervisee. Less intrusive than other live supervision methods (i.e., bug-in-the-ear, knock-in or phone-in methods), iSupe gives freedom to the trainee to receive feedback when needed/wanted, essentially glancing at the iPad when manageable. He/she could also indicate a need for assistance in real time. Additionally, if the session observed live is also recorded, the iSupe timestamp feature marking the comments exchanged allows for greater exploration and understanding from the trainee, who can now explore and dissect the feedback on his/her own after the session or in traditional face-to-face supervision.

This presentation will introduce iSupe, giving instruction as well as caveats to its usage, based on the research conducted with trainees supervised through iSupe. A live demonstration of this innovative method, showing how easily and effectively it can be used to enhance the training of trainees will be conducted.

The presentation will further discuss preliminary research on iSupe. For instance, trainees who have received iSupe reported increases in perceived support and challenge in supervision, took more risks in session, and experienced a stronger bond with their supervisors. In some cases, they also reported increased confidence. Persistently, trainees valued the non-intrusive nature of this form of live supervision; while, clients subject to iSupe in their sessions indicated no negative effects, forgetting about its existence much like the forgotten video recording devices so familiar to training clinics.